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Date Posted: 05/27/2020
Taxi Type: Ford Escape
Mileage: 475,000
Make Year: 2012
Price: $3,500.00
Contact: 3473027682
Description: car for sale, in good condition. you can call or text on the above #
Date Posted: 05/23/2020
Taxi Type: Ford Escape
Mileage: 332,000
Make Year: 2010
Price: $2,800.00
Contact: 818-486-5420
Description: Excellent condition car available to sale. It's a shiny black color car now. Can be used to personal car.
Date Posted: 05/23/2020
Taxi Type: Toyota RAV4 hybrid
Mileage: 17,000
Make Year: 2020
Price: $1,000.00
Contact: +1 (929) 261-6624
Description: Hi! I am looking for a yellow cab buyer who is looking cab could contact/text massage for detailed information because I am moving from NY CITY. The yellow cab is brand new Toyota Rav4 2020.
Date Posted: 05/21/2020
Taxi Type: Toyota RAV4 hybrid
Mileage: 200
Make Year: 2017
Price: $1.00
Contact: 3478412017
Description: RAV4 2016, 2017- 7000 Prius 2016. - 3500 Camry 2015. - 3500 Total 20 cars. Good price for whole sale( Bulk) Cash only Serious buyers Text / call : 347 841 2017
Date Posted: 05/20/2020
Taxi Type: Toyota Sienna
Mileage: 125,000
Make Year: 2016
Price: $10,000.00
Contact: 718-673-2012 Call/Text
Description: Toyota Sienna 2016 WAV Accessible in excellent condition available.You can easily apply and get UBER/TLC plates on this vehicle plus $400 weekly bonus from Uber every 718-673-2012
Date Posted: 05/20/2020
Taxi Type: Ford Crown Victoria
Mileage: 100,000
Make Year: 2011
Price: $1.00
Description: WANTED: I'm LOOKING FOR a 2011 Crown Victoria former NYC Taxi. Prefer it to be in good/decent condition. Even better if it is still yellow and was an owner operator car. E-mail me if you have one.
Date Posted: 05/13/2020
Taxi Type: Toyota Camry
Mileage: 310,000
Make Year: 2015
Price: $2,700.00
Contact: 7183141087
Description: I have 2015 Camry LE Hybrid for sale.Price is $2700.Car has been looked after new Hybrid battery changed few months back plus ignition battery changed as well last month,front n rear shocks,radiatior & fan,transmission oil has been changed regularly every 1k miles.No problem at all.Plus changed all 4 brand new Gerneral tires 02 March 2020 in short it has four brand new tires.i can send the pictures upon request.Text or Call me :-7183141087 Thanx
Date Posted: 05/13/2020
Taxi Type: Dodge Caravan
Mileage: 56,540
Make Year: 2020
Price: $5,653.00
Contact: +27785149508
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Date Posted: 04/27/2020
Taxi Type: Toyota Sienna
Mileage: 349
Make Year: 2014
Price: $8,650.00
Contact: 9178261970
Description: new engene and transmission just pass insp
Date Posted: 04/22/2020
Taxi Type: Toyota Sienna
Mileage: 140,000
Make Year: 2014
Price: $15,000.00
Contact: 3476013964
Description: I have a 2014 Toyota Sienna wheelchair accessible it’s black color good condition just passed Tlc inspection title clean in hand